Don Farrago: How to Bypass the Great Chinese Firewall!

Freitag, 8. August 2008

How to Bypass the Great Chinese Firewall!

On the occasion of the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the German TV station NDR and the TV magazine Extra 3 started a campaign supporting freedom of speech in China and offer original content from the websites of various Human Rights Organizations that are banned in China, including Amnesty International:

"Through this site we will publish censored pages of Human Rights Organisations such as Amnesty International, the Society For Threatened Peoples and the International Campaign For Tibet. This page is not censored by Chinese authorities at the moment and therefore gives Chinese people the opportunity to gather oppressed information as well as means to bypass censorship."

All pages and articles mirrored are in English, are offered in a downloadable PDF format and can be accessed via following links:

Link 1 (homepage)

Link 2 (homepage)

Link 3 (direct link)

So, as long as this page is still accessible in China, please spread the word on social media sites (such as digg), blogs and forums to support this campaign against Chinese Internet censorship by drilling a tiny hole into the Great Chinese Firewall!!!

BTW: On this page you can check if this (or any other webpage) is still accessible in China!

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